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Job ID: 3236
Job Title: Director of Product Management, Collaboration Solutions, Cupertino
Job Description:

Our client is a global leader in audio solutions as well as collaboration solutions. 
They are seeking to add a Director of Product Management, Collaboration Solutions to their growing team. This person will lead and build the product management discipline for Company collaboration solutions out of Cupertino and establish a clear communication path with their European parent company. Be the eyes and ears on what goes on in the bay area and partner with internal and external parties in the area.

Specific Duties include:
End-to-end Product Management responsibility. The Business objective is to build a substantial growth business in Company Audio/Video/Data (A/V/D) collaboration solution. Specific contribution is differentiated products and experiences that enables professional users and enterprises to be more real time productive through the Company collaboration solutions. 

You will define the product and experience vision and roadmap for collaboration solutions. You will consolidate and build a deep understanding of enterprise, professional user and market trends, and build a strong and differentiated product and experience vision for Company A/V collaboration product line. Crystallize the essence and signature experiences that concretize the vision. 

You will work with with Design, R&D teams and other key stakeholders, support the ongoing and concrete definition of the product and experience roadmap for the product line. Work closely with industry partners to make sure Company is the preferred innovation partner in this space.

You will drive product and experience concept for collaboration solutions, delivering on the vision and guidance towards success. Ensure seamless and intuitive experience in high-performing and attractive products, delivering a strong growth and high level of profitability. Apply Creative abstraction skills and Ensure Company has strong concepts that are ready for execution.

You will be the guardian and champion of the Company brand and deliver collaboration products which our professional users love, and which deliver on and exceed our business, quality and time-to-market targets. You will focus on the Company collaboration product experience across a portfolio of devices and SW solutions and integrate closely with partner solutions. With a deep understanding of our target users and customers, you will define a distinct identity and proposition for the product line and subsequently for each individual product. 

You will drive the product and experience execution through product programs. Ensure products deliver the experience in high quality, meeting and exceeding the time-to-market and financial targets. Work closely with industry partners and internal stakeholders to make sure we have impactful go-to-market execution.

You will play a key role in driving change and integration as a leader as well as a catalyst across the broader organization. The goal is to increase Company efficiency and boost the quality of both work and products.

Required Skills:

Must have 8-10 years of Product Marketing experience, preferably in consumer electronics products.

Must have BA/BS Degree in a relevant discipline. MBA highly desired.

Must have conceptual and intuitive Market /customer user-focused product experience 

***Must have demonstrable Creative Abstraction / concepting skills.

Must be a people leader

Must have a strong demonstrated track record of creating and bringing to market branded products in B2B, consumer electronics or similar industry. Products that have made a difference in the market, delivering strong positive customer response as well as growth and profitability in the business.

Must have deep understanding of the user, market and the competition. Need ability to use those insights to create a strong product line vision and product identities to drive product making. 

Must be able to show how you have deeply grasped the essence of the brand as well as other internal assets and capabilities and used them to build unique and differentiated propositions and experiences in your products and brought them to the market with strong and impactful marketing story. 

Must be a leader. You inspire people around you and the broader organization, and spur them to deliver what they thought impossible. Your previous colleagues tell stories about how you have driven the team through difficult challenges and have emerged with winning solutions as a team. 

Must be hands-on and your work is exemplary to others. You aspire to be a role model and catalyze individuals, teams and the broader organization around you to deliver their best, and to improve, develop and change.

Must have Global Experience—as we are a global business, you have a strong international back ground with hands-on experience of different markets and cultures. You have likely lived and worked in different countries and continents. You are used to working with multi-cultural teams across time-zones, and you are effective in driving impact with teams and partners in different cultures and countries.

Team player--As an individual, you are creative and inspiring, curious and fact-based, bold and caring. You don’t care who comes up with the best ideas but you care to make sure the team takes them on board and you are hardworking

25% travel, global

For more info: If you're interested in this position, please email your resume to us.
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